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Getting Involved

 Playback Motion Pictures operates our business relations much like a family. When an investment is made you become attached to the project and you are listed in the films credits. The level of involvement determines the placement and title for your film credit (i.e. Associate Producer or Executive Producer). Our investors find that they are not only holding a stake in the projects profits, but they also have a share in the benefits that come with their involvement in the entertainment industry. Our investors are always welcome on set, at movie premieres and film festival screenings. All of the funds used for the production of the project are made public and the financial books are accessible for each investor to review. The budget is carefully broken down to show exactly where each dollar is spent.

The beauty of an independent film is that the entire budget goes into the production of the film. As Producers, we feel we should not receive a return until you do. Studio film projects inflate their budgets, which limits the profits for an investor, we do not. In the investment offering you will also find that the contract ALWAYS puts the investor in first position (which means you are paid back the initial investment plus interest before any net profits are calculated and dispersed). We believe very strongly that in order to provide a level of trust that your investment is carefully and meticulously carried out, you must also know that we are heavily invested in the project as well.

Levels of involvement vary based on what the individual wants to obtain from their involvement. There is ample opportunity for the "Hollywood" fun that comes along with your involvement in our feature film project, ranging from various press events, awards events, and industry benefits.


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