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Who We Are

Kayla Tabish

Kayla Tabish is dedicated to bringing projects of a deep personal nature into production. Since the beginning of her career in production she has found that the process of making a film is a collaborative art. She is skilled in independent film in the sense that she has a true understanding for filmmaking without any of the frills.

Independent productions are about the passion and love for the content behind the project, mix in a competent crew and very talented actors and the benefits are huge. A film project can be executed in a manner that is cost effective, shaving off the frivolous spending that is often seen in big budget productions, which in turn increases the margin for profits for the investor.

She started with an independent film production company based out of Florida, working together with the talented producers of Jonesing Pictures towards the release of “Loren Cass”. Kayla came on board as producer with Jonesing Pictures when the film was in production. Programmed at 20+ film festivals worldwide, the producers of “Loren Cass” received the prestigious honor of a nomination for an IFP Gotham award along with a press screening at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Remarkable. One of the years great discoveries.” -Nathan Lee (The New York Times)   

A starkly radical film debut of uncommon power and artistic principle, Chris Fuller's 'Loren Cass' announces a genuinely original filmmaking talent who literally pulls no punches in his depiction of teen angst and racial warfare” -Robert Koehler (Variety)

Loren Cass was also placed on Robert Koehler’s Best of the Year List  

Shortly there after the film was picked up by Kino International and distributed for release in theaters. Currently the film is available on DVD. More press available at

Nick Liam Heaney

Nick Liam Heaney was born and raised on the coast of Newcastle, England. He had an early love for the water and the adrenalin rush that comes from extreme sports. Surfing and wakeboarding is what originally brought him to the US, and as a pro wakeboarder for over ten years he was a leader in the industry. Through the XGames and many other competitions he went on to prove to be one of the best in the world. During the course of his career he was sponsored by Red Bull, Mastercraft Boats and many other industry giants. Nick was instrumental in his contributions to the creation and design of the newest line of Mastercraft Boats. As an ambassador to the brand, he created a one of a kind product and leveraged his loyal following as a consumer base which in turn contributed to a 100 million dollar boost in the companies gross revenue.

Nick has a strong sense for what is marketable and viable in today's ever changing world of film. He comes from an extensive background of working with powerhouse companies to define the endorsements and sponsorships that he has acquired in the past. His marketing skills are utilized when defining what constitutes a profitable project. He also is very resourceful when packaging a project and has a skill for bringing on the most viable writer/director/cast attachments. Nick is also skilled at maximizing the profit windows for a project by defining the target demographic and utilizing his marketing knowledge in a very innovative manner.

Nick produced "Dead Drop", a "Bourne Identity" meets the "The Usual Suspects" type action film, co-starring Brian MacNamara ("Army Wives"). He also co-produced Wizardream, starring Malcolm McDowell ("Clockwork Orange") and Ernie Hudson ("Ghostbusters") due out in theaters in early 2014.


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